When you need repairs on your roof or a roof replacement, having the highest quality and best shingles for roofing jobs makes a big difference. When you’re looking for the right materials for your project, you can count on Mac Roofing Supply to ensure you get the best products.

Of our quality products, we have shingles from two of our partners, Owens Corning and Tamko. When shingles are a requirement for your roofing job, we’ll make sure you get the very best quality. We can also connect you with a professional roofing contractor to get the job done.

Highlights for Best Shingles for Roofing Jobs

  • Owens Corning Shingles: Owens Corning is a top player in their industry. They supply some of the best materials available. Their shingles offer a huge range of products in different colors, styles and materials. Whether you want beautiful green shingles or you’re looking for a tame tan shade, you have a wide selection from which to choose. Best shingles for roofing jobs image shows two men standing in aisle facing away. They're shopping for roof shingles of different colors that are on shelves.

    Owens Corning shingles include solar reflecting shingles, laminated shingles and a range of other architectural shingles. Any of these will make your roof look stunning. They offer excellent quality products that don’t just look good but are also practical. Some of their shingles have Energy Star ratings to help with energy efficiency.

  • Tamko Shingles: As our main supplier for roofing products, Tamko Building Products is our top pick for products that are manufactured to last for a long time. With a long history, this company is a big name in the industry. It’s a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

    Tamko makes asphalt and steel shingles. They have a range of options to help you make the perfect choice. Their products range from laminated asphalt shingles in vibrant colors to steel shingles with a slate finish. Their steel shingles are Energy Star qualified to make your home greener.

  • Warranties: When you buy materials for home improvement projects, it’s essential to have warranties on the materials that you use and the work that is carried out. Roofing shingles are generally protected for many years. Many products from Tamko Building Products and Owens Corning can offer you coverage up to 50 years and protection for other types for at least a decade. You’ll be protected for the work that is carried out through professional contractors so that you can rely on both the materials used and the quality of the labor.

  • Use a Licensed Contractor for Your Roofing: Licensed contractors for Tamko Building Supplies and Owens Corning should definitely be the preferred choice if you’re looking for quality work for your new roof or for roofing repairs. It will help you to guarantee excellent work that is not only good quality but also ensures all work is carried out safely. Our sister company Ace Construction & Remodeling is one of the options that have for licensed and approved contractors to carry out any roofing work that you require.

Get in touch with Mac Roofing Supply or Ace Construction to find out more about your options. We’re confident starting a conversation with us regarding best shingles for roofing jobs will lead you in the right direction.