What is the Impact of Attic Insulation?

For One – It Will Reduce Heating & Cooling Expenses

When you’re working on converting your attic into an extra room or storage, you’ll almost certainly have to think about your options for attic insulation.

These days, building regulations stipulate that you will need some form of insulation. Therefore, you need to make sure you have enough in your renovation budget to cover the installation and removal of existing insulation if applicable.

Which type you choose is completely up to you. For most people, the cost of the various types of insulation will be a big deciding factor for them. Remember to keep in mind how much money you’ll save on your heating and cooling when you choosing attic insulation.

Impact of attic insulation image shows grandpa & grandma playing with grandchildren in a finished attic.
  • Advice for Attic Insulation Contractors: When you’re working with a client on new attic insulation, you’ll need to offer them guidance on the following:

    Impact of attic insulation image shows man standing on sub floor in unfinished, non-insulated attic.

    • Storage Space – If the client wants to use the attic for storage, it’s usually recommended to lift the floor. This will allow extra attic insulation to be placed underneath. Otherwise, there might not be enough space for insulation between the joists. The client needs to be made aware of this.
    • Flat Roofs – These need to be insulated from above. As a result, the client needs to be made aware of the potential extra roofing costs they may incur.
    • Damp Attics – If you discover the client’s attic is damp, you’ll need to advise them whether damp proofing is required before the job is carried out.
  • Common Attic Insulation Expenses:

    • Old Insulation Removal: If you need to replace some old insulation as part of the job, you will probably need to pay for this to be done.
    • Batts, Blankets and Rolled Insulation: Here at Mac Supply, we use Owens and Corning insulation products because we know we’re supplying our customers with the very best products. These are some of the biggest expenses you’ll incur when it comes to adding new attic insulation. Subsequently, it’s worth checking your budget to make sure you can cover them comfortably.
    • Blown-In Attic Insulation: One way some people choose to insulate their new attic rooms is by blowing in specialist loose-fill insulation. This can be quite an expensive way to insulate an attic. It ensures the insulation materials get everywhere they need to be.
  • How Your Home Will Benefit From Good Attic Insulation: One of the biggest benefits of getting your attic, and any other extensions correctly insulated, is it can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. So much so, in fact, that you should be able to save enough to cover the initial cost of the insulation. This is because the attic insulation materials will help to keep warm air in the home while you are using the heating. As a result, the house should stay warmer for longer. You aren’t using your heating system quite as much as you once were.

    Thanks to attic insulation, you’ll find that it’s much easier to regulate the house’s temperature through the summer and winter months. In addition, having your roof properly ventilated will be cost-friendly on your heating and cooling budget. Find out more in this post about roof ventilation from our sister company Ace Construction & Remodeling.

Hopefully, this blog post on Impact of Attic Insulation has given you plenty of food for thought when it comes to your next attic insulation job or DIY project. For help or questions give us a call at 765-642-7734. Strapped for time or a matter of convenience, send us quick email at info@macroofingsupply.com or complete our contact form.